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What to expect

Build SMART shifts the challenge of constructing a truly high performing building envelope away from congested building sites and into factories with greater control over material quality and the building process. Our process gives truly high-performance builders – challenged to staff their projects with skilled labor – a huge boost in productivity, producing standardized components of the structure in our factory … you then assemble them on site. Working together, we dramatically reduce your construction cycle time and deliver higher performing, occupied structures sooner.

  • All Projects
  • Multifamily Housing
  • Single Family Housing
  • Education/Medical Facility
  • ADUs & Tiny Homes


When you select Build SMART to supply your next project, you’re not settling for just another producer of prefabricated “Wall Panels.” We do much more than cut and nail your framing together. Build SMART is as an off-site extension of your entire build team.

Design + Engineering Coordination

Our in-house staff of design professionals have experience creating engineering plan approvals and shop drawings using the latest CAD and BIM Technology software.


Once Build SMART shop drawings have been reviewed and approved by your design professional, we will procure all necessary materials, and begin fabrication of your building systems.

Quality Assurance + Control

Build SMART's QA/QC program ensures each project is provided the best designed and tested building materials possible per the project specifications. This oversight guarantees consistent high quality assemblies from incoming materials to systems leaving the factory.

Research + Development

Custom Build SMART tooling, combined with our exclusive use of the industry’s highest quality building products ensures interior walls that are dead flat, rough openings that are fully flashed and air sealed, and high performing windows that are factory installed, plumb level and square.

New Vertical Air Press

Equal distribution of air pressure across a steel frame plate generates 1.5psi across the surface of an E-Wall Panel, this provides several innovative benefits:

• 4.6x less pressure than what is used in the SIP’s industry • Safer, controlled process for components • Safer and repeatable process for employees.

Variety of Insulation Strategies

ZIP System R-sheathing is the simple all-in-one structural panel with built-in exterior insulation. Featuring integrated moisture, air and thermal protection, ZIP System R-sheathing completely reimagines traditional wall assemblies by streamlining exterior water, air and thermal management.

Automated Adhesive Application Process

Automating the application of adhesives to components will provide maximized quality, consistency and speed across production while also eliminating the risk of human error.



2020 Population and Housing State Data

The 2020 Census data underlying this visualization are available in the Redistricting Data Summary Files.


Past + Future


How to Build SMART in a post-pandemic world

Except for our use of pneumatic or battery powered tools, the way we build houses today hasn’t changed all that much for the better part of 200 years.

If not for the way builders are dressed, a black and white jobsite photo taken generations ago could be mistaken for a project being built today.

One thing that has become common in our lifetimes are construction delays and cost overruns. When was the last time you read about a construction project that came in ahead of schedule and under budget? If anything, the situation is getting worse as jobsites of all sizes compete for skilled labor.

The number of tradesmen still swinging hammers today hasn’t recovered since the Great Recession of 2007. It may never. Pandemic delays and material shortages aside, that’s the main reason the demand for new housing today now outpaces our industry’s ability to deliver.

Why should builders embrace off-site, modular construction? Because building this way provides more cost certainty, improved site safety, reduced risk and faster site construction using less site labor. As if that’s not enough, a Build SMART building envelope performs better, reducing the number and frequency of costly call-backs.

Imagine how you would feel to deliver your customers with a more durable, truly High-Performance home, on time and on budget. Imagine how your customer would feel. Is there better advertising than a satisfied customer?


Prefab + Coordination 


As a professional builder, do you count the days between the start of a project and the first change order? 99 times out of 100, it’s not your fault. Site construction typically starts long before all of the design details are figured out. When the future owner walks through and tasks you to move a wall or enlarge a window after the walls are up, you’re entitled to be compensated.

With luck such change orders are quickly resolved and have minimal impact on the time to build. But change orders interrupt your workflow and project scheduling on this and other projects. When your tradesmen and preferred subs are in high demand, one delay can easily snowball out of control.

It’s no surprise, then, that property owners react so negatively to the price you have to charge for the design changes they insist be made after construction is underway.

As costs for change orders mount up, your customer’s budget is blown. Their dream of hosting Thanksgiving dinner is gone. Now it looks like Christmas is out too.

Though lenders have come to anticipate change orders, they play their part by acting alarmed and making the owner squirm … all while silently calculating the added interest they’ll collect on the increasing cost to build.

Change orders. It’s how the game is played. But what if it didn’t have to be that way?


Overview of the International Building Code® (IBC®)

The International Building Code (IBC) is the foundation of the complete Family of International Codes®. It is an essential tool to preserve public health and safety that provides safeguards from hazards associated with the built environment. It addresses design and installation of innovative materials that meet or exceed public health and safety goals.

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Low-Rise Hotels

International Building code (IBC) Occupancy Group R-1
IBC TYPE V-A: 1-hr fire rated
(decrease 1 story for nonsprinkled)

Up to 4 stories | 70′ height | 36,000 sf per story

Low-rise hotels are a great fit for Build SMART with their repetitive elements, tight timeframes and indoor air quality demands which contributes to green building certifications.





Multifamily and Student Living

International Building code (IBC) Occupancy Group R-2
IBC TYPE V-A: 1-hr fire rated
(decrease 1 story for nonsprinkled)

Up to 4 stories | 70′ height | 36,000 sf per story

Developers and Architects come to Build SMART for multifamily projects to control costs, accelerate construction and ensure quality – particularly in northern climates.





Single Family and Residential

International Building code (IBC) Occupancy Group R
IBC TYPE V-A: 1-hr fire rated
(decrease 1 story for nonsprinkled)

Homeowners from across the US have created the house of their dreams using the Build SMART system. Energy efficient, airtight walls with great windows that can be factory installed make it very fast and simple for the builder.





Retail Stores

International Building code (IBC) Occupancy Group R-M
IBC TYPE V-A: 1-hr fire rated
(decrease 1 story for nonsprinkled)

Up to 4 stories | 70′ height | 42,000 sf per story

Provide warm or cold shell. Normal Tenant improvements can get started months earlier than with traditional construction.





Day Care

International Building code (IBC) Occupancy Group I-4
IBC TYPE V-A: 1-hr fire rated
(decrease 1 story for nonsprinkled)

Up to 2 stories | 70′ height | 55,000 sf per story

When low operation budgets and indoor air quality are priorities for administrators and young occupants, the Build SMART system is a great choice. Highly insulated walls and high-quality windows make nap time simply dreamy!





Assisted Living

International Building code (IBC) Occupancy Group I-2
IBC TYPE V-A: 1-hr fire rated
(decrease 1 story for nonsprinkled)

Up to 4 stories | 70′ height | 31,500 sf per story

(Nursing Homes: 1 story | 50’ height | 28,500 sf per story)

Residents and their families want the highest levels of comfort and fresh allergen free air. Build SMART building envelopes meet the most stringent performance standards. Repetitive sleeping rooms and flexibly for food service and ancillary rooms make Build SMART a great choice.





Pre-Schools and K-12 Schools

International Building code (IBC) Occupancy Group E
IBC TYPE V-A: 1-hr fire rated
(decrease 1 story for nonsprinkled)

Up to 2 stories | 70′ height | 55,500 sf per story

When you face a tight summer construction period you need great planning, no surprises and on-time delivery. Build SMART can provide. For smaller buildings, the code allows wood frame structure. School administrations and designers often don’t consider this option even though it is significantly faster, more cost effective and sustainable than typical concrete and masonry.





Branch Banks, Clinics and Small Office

International Building code (IBC) Occupancy Group B
IBC TYPE V-A: 1-hr fire rated
(decrease 1 story for nonsprinkled)

Up to 4 stories | 70′ height | 45,000 sf per story

If your project is for a free-standing small business, consider that Build SMART gives you a move-in date that is months earlier. That’s added income, improved NOI and cash flow! Build SMART can produce the project while your team is getting city approvals and you are signing leases. Your Contractor saves general overhead, labor and time by building with fully assembled panels instead of sticks.





Libraries and Worship

International Building code (IBC) Occupancy Group A-3
IBC TYPE V-A: 1-hr fire rated
(decrease 1 story for nonsprinkled)

Up to 3 stories | 70′ height | 34,500 sf per story

In small libraries, churches and other worship buildings the sound levels and operating budgets are key considerations. With properly designed building systems, Build SMART’s energy efficient building envelopes are the baseline for satisfying the most stringent standards of comfort, quiet and humidity control.





Restaurants and Night Clubs

International Building code (IBC) Occupancy Group A-2
IBC TYPE V-A: 1-hr fire rated
(decrease 1 story for nonsprinkled)

Up to 3 stories | 70′ height | 34,500 sf per story

It may be surprising to some that restaurants and night clubs can be built of wood frame. They can! It is much more cost effective than concrete and masonry. Build SMART can help you get it done faster, contain the noise and eliminate many headaches and surprises.





Performing Arts

International Building code (IBC) Occupancy Group A-3
IBC TYPE V-A: 1-hr fire rated
(decrease 1 story for nonsprinkled)

Up to 3 stories | 70′ height | 34,500 sf per story

Small halls can be built with Build SMART even in this most restrictive occupancy. For tight budgets in noisy urban environments, the Build SMART building envelope brings all the benefits mentioned in other project types: time savings, labor savings, affordability, ambient noise reduction, accelerated construction, sustainability, etc.

Let’s find your solution.

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