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Energy Efficiency made Simple

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It admittedly may sound like a stretch that building a multifamily structure to Passive House standards can be done using the E-Wall System not only at market rate (or better) , but also with a method that saves time and money, and is simple to implement.

But living proof of that model exists in the 52,781-square-foot, 49-unit Whitehall structure that’s effectively debunking many commonly held notions about building green, providing healthy indoor air-quality or building to Passive House standards of extreme energy efficiency.



Spring City, PA

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49 units, 52,781 square feet

Air Changes Per Hour

0.42 ACH50

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Architectural concepts works with Build SMART

CH&E Construction commercial project

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“When you select Build SMART to supply your next project, you’re not settling for just another producer of prefabricated ‘Wall Panels.’ We do much more than cut and nail your framing together. Build SMART is an off-site extension of your entire build team.”

– David Boyer, President/CEO


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