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Energy Efficiency made Simple

The Allen ‘Modern Split’ Home

Introducing The Allen ‘Modern Split’ Home, a project that has sparked excitement and enthusiasm for Mark and Lydia Allen. Known for their deep understanding of Building Science, the Allen’s recognized the value of Build SMART’s factory manufacturing process in simplifying construction while prioritizing energy efficiency and long-term resilience.

With the arrival of their E-Wall shipment, the Allen’s eagerly embraced the opportunities that Build SMART’s approach offered. The team at Build SMART, equally passionate about their craft, joined forces with the Allens in KCMO to kick-start the project. The result? A highly productive collaboration that allowed the team to stay ahead of schedule and effortlessly erect the first floor of the residence in just a few hours.

Build SMART’s factory manufacturing process serves as the “easy button” for construction, making simple energy efficiency and long-term resilience accessible to all, regardless of their performance goals. The Allen Project exemplifies the successful integration of Build SMART’s expertise and the Allen’s vision for a modern, split-style home.

Discover how the collaboration between the Allen’s and Build SMART has brought their dream home to life, showcasing the benefits of efficient construction and sustainable design.



Kansas City, Missouri

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Single Family


2 Stories


Self Designed, Self Assembled

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