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Energy Efficiency made Simple

The Allen ‘Modern Split’ Home

The Allen’s were excited to receive their E-Wall shipment. I gotta say Mark and Lydia know their stuff and are no slouches when it comes to Building Science. Knowing that Build SMART’s factory manufacturing process is the “easy button” when it comes to construction, simple energy efficiency with long term resilience in mind is available to everyone regardless of targeted performance: The Build SMART team had a blast at the Allen Project. Everyone showed up ready to carpe some diem and get to work! With the Build SMART crew onsite here in KCMO the Allen’s were able to get off to a great start. In just a few hours the team was able to stay ahead of schedule and fully erect the first floor!



Kansas City, Missouri

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Single Family


2 Stories


Self Designed, Self Assembled

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– Sam Rashkin
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