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Energy Efficiency made Simple

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Build SMART shifts the challenge of constructing a truly high performing building envelope away from congested building sites and into factories. With not a lot of room to work with and a whole lot of ambition, Danièle found Build SMART and now that her dreams are coming true she has just one thing to say:

I would like to take the opportunity of this milestone to thank every  Build SMART team member who skillfully contributed to make my solar passive house project a reality. Kudos to everyone” 

– Merci à tous. Bien cordialement, Danièle


The cost to build vs. the cost to live

On the surface it seems reasonable for people designing and building a new home to strive for the largest home their building site and budget can accommodate. Or is it?

It depends on whether your focus is on the cost to build OR the cost to live.

Homes that feature more square feet of conditioned space are subject to higher property taxes, and higher utility bills. Then there’s the cost of furnishing and maintaining square footage that may only get occasional use.

In the custom housing market today the trend is moving away from building bigger to building better. And as you build better houses -flexible living spaces that provide more comfortable, more energy efficient living conditions – the foot print of a new home tends to shrink.

So while your initial cost to build a 3000+ square foot house to code, vs. a higher performing 2500 square foot house may not decrease, your ongoing cost to live does.

Better built homes reward you with better health, lower taxes, reduced heating and cooling bills and reduced ongoing maintenance for the life of the home. These contribute to a higher quality of life.

So as you struggle to fit you dream home into a budget you can afford, remember that the challenge of funding the cost to build should be short lived. But the rewards of building better can last a lifetime.



Ottawa, ON

Project Type

Single Family


2 Stories 

Air Changes Per Hour


Exterior Walls

E-Wall: R60, 2×4 @ 24” o.c. w/ 7.5” EPS

Home energy rating Think Little

Self Assembled Construction

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