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The Hershey Montessori School Project

Immersed in a profound respect for nature and a deep commitment to the environment, Hershey Montessori School stands as a beacon of sustainability. With the visionary implementation of the Build SMART E-Wall System, this Midwest educational institution proudly holds the distinction of being the first school designed in accordance with the sustainable building standard set by the prestigious Passive House Institute of the United States (PHIUS).

Nestled within the sprawling 97-acre farm campus in Geauga County, the Hershey Montessori School’s Upper School takes center stage as a trailblazer in the Midwest. Here, students are not only knowledgeable about the captivating allure surrounding eco-friendly and energy-saving technologies, but they also embody the essence of responsible citizenship. Through hands-on engagement with the farm and local community, students gain a profound understanding of societal organization and the division of labor. Moreover, they cultivate crucial skills in compassion, diplomacy, and collaboration, as they recognize the interconnectedness of humanity. This holistic educational experience also fosters a deep appreciation for the intricate relationships shared with animals, plants, and our remarkable planet, instilling a personal appreciation for sustainability.

The Hershey Montessori School Project is a testament to the collaborative efforts of dedicated individuals and organizations. With Hershey Montessori School as the proud owner, Paskevich & Associates Architects as the visionary architects, J&B Construction as the committed contractor, and Staengl Engineering providing expert HVAC and energy consulting, this remarkable project exemplifies the harmonious union of sustainable design and educational excellence.

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Huntsburg, OH

Project Type

Education Housing


12,658 square feet

Air Changes Per Hour


Project Profile

Home energy rating Think Little

Self Assembled Construction

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