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Design + Build Process

How Do We Fit In?

Designing and building the high performing home of your dreams is an emotional and expensive undertaking.

As your design evolves, the number of decisions about building layout and material choices can be overwhelming … particularly as you struggle to remain within budget. Don’t let “cost conscious” decisions come at the expense of realizing the levels of comfort, energy efficiency and sustainability that were always part of the dream. Instead, choose to Build SMART.

We’ll show you how to save money while keeping your dream alive. Build SMART shifts the challenge of constructing a truly high performing building envelope away from congested building sites and into our factories with greater control over material quality and the building process.

Our process gives truly high-performance builders – challenged to staff their projects with skilled labor – a huge boost in productivity, producing standardized components of the structure in our factory … you then assemble them on site. Working together, we dramatically reduce your construction cycle time and deliver higher performing, occupied structures sooner.

Coordination + Virtual Build

Our Design Team collaborates and coordinates with your Project Designer to ensure an integrated product delivery. We develop detailed shop drawings and resolve open questions about desired energy performance of your building envelope.


Once Build SMART shop drawings have been reviewed and approved by your design professional, we will procure all necessary materials, and begin fabrication of your building systems.


Your building envelope system will be shipped direct from our facility to your site with delivery arrangements made for you by Build SMART.


In addtion to a complete installation manual, Build SMART will be available for assistance and advice every step of the way.



Research + Development


Our Values

Climate + Health

In 2019, Build SMART became an official corporate signer of the Kansas Climate + Health Declaration, an initiative to “increase awareness of the impacts of climate change on public health, to increase civic engagement on climate action in Kansas, and to advance policies that build community resilience and safeguard the future of our state.” Enduring and resilient buildings should be the rule to guide our decisions about the built environment.

By focusing on climate and health goals, Build SMART aims to contribute to a sustainable future by creating energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and healthier buildings. We strive to push the boundaries of innovation in the construction industry while ensuring a positive impact on both the planet and the well-being of occupants.

Who we work with

Client + Partners

Build SMART works with numerous Architects, Certified Passive House Consultants, Contractors and Developers to deliver exceptional building solutions. Take a look at some of the companies and individuals who have had a hand in making Build SMART projects a reality.

Build SMART collaborates closely with clients and partners to deliver exceptional building solutions. Here’s an overview of our approach to working with clients and partners:

1. Client Collaboration:
Build SMART believes in building strong relationships with our clients based on effective communication and collaboration. We work closely with clients to understand their specific project requirements, goals, and challenges. This collaborative approach allows us to tailor building systems and services to meet the unique needs of each client.

2. Design Assistance:

Build SMART provides design assistance to clients, offering expertise in incorporating their innovative building systems into architectural plans. We collaborate with architects, engineers, and designers to ensure seamless integration of our components, optimizing performance and functionality.

3. Technical Support:

Build SMART offers comprehensive technical support to clients throughout the project lifecycle. We provide guidance and assistance in system selection, installation techniques, and troubleshooting. Our experienced team of professionals is readily available to address any technical queries or challenges that may arise during the construction process.

4. Partnerships:

Build SMART values partnerships with industry-leading organizations, suppliers, and manufacturers. We actively seek collaborations to enhance our product offerings, expand our services, and stay at the forefront of innovation. By partnering with like-minded entities, we can collectively drive sustainable construction practices and deliver cutting-edge solutions to clients.

5. Education and Training:

Build SMART is committed to educating and training clients on the utilization of our building systems. We offer training programs and workshops to ensure clients have the knowledge and skills required to maximize the benefits of their products. By empowering clients with the necessary expertise, Build SMART enables them to successfully implement their building solutions.

6. Continued Support:

Build SMART believes in providing ongoing support to clients even after project completion. We offer maintenance guidelines, warranty programs, and post-installation assistance to ensure long-term performance and client satisfaction.

Through effective client collaboration, design assistance, technical support, partnerships, education, and continued support, Build SMART aims to deliver exceptional value and customer satisfaction. We prioritize open communication, innovation, and a client-centric approach to forge successful partnerships and achieve shared project goals.


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