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Energy Efficiency made Simple

The Heintzelman House Project: Igniting the Spirit of Energy Conservation

Witness the remarkable transformation of the Heintzelman family as they embarked on a journey towards energy conservation and sustainable living. While energy efficiency wasn’t always a top priority for the Heintzelman’s, their perspective changed when they discovered the immense potential of E-Wall.

Guided by their passion for self-sufficiency, the Heintzelman’s turned to the visionary experts at Build SMART, who helped them unlock the full potential of their dream home. The innovative E-Wall, a state-of-the-art building envelope system, became the cornerstone of their project. Manufactured and fabricated with utmost precision by Build SMART, it seamlessly integrated energy efficiency into their home design.

The Heintzelman House Project stands as a testament to the power of embracing sustainability and making a positive impact on the environment. It serves as a shining example for homeowners seeking to create homes that are both stylish and eco-friendly. By choosing E-Wall and aligning their values with energy conservation, the Heintzelman’s have set a new standard for sustainable living.

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Is Build SMART right for your new home?

If you’re comparing the cost to Build SMART with housing costs in your area, beware that “average housing costs” are often tied to recent area or regional sales of new or existing homes … regardless of their state of repair. As such, the purchase price for an existing home may not include the cost of essential repairs or performance upgrades that you’ll need to invest in before or shortly after move-in.

If you’re comparing the cost to Build SMART with the average cost for newly constructed homes, that index is dominated by newly built-to-code homes – homes that are built to the lowest acceptable occupant health and energy efficient standard for your locale. Such homes often do not include effective air-sealing or any level of continuous exterior insulation (CEI) – both key to improving occupant comfort and reducing the ongoing operating and maintenance costs of any new home.

Build SMART’s focus is on producing effectively air sealed, well-insulated building envelopes that improve occupant health and reduce ongoing conditioning and maintenance costs for the life of the building. A home where interior air quality and temperature are consistent and peak summertime or wintertime conditioning costs are minimized. A home where you won’t have to devote considerable time and money each year to maintain its appearance and value.

Build SMART delivers a home where your family can enjoy a healthier, happier, more serene lifestyle.

Though initial costs to construct a Build SMART home may be slightly higher than local build-to-code homes, the ongoing cost to live in a Build SMART home are substantially less.

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