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Roxbury Place Apartments

Senior Independent Living

Presenting Roxbury Place Apartments, a remarkable senior independent living community nestled on the grounds of the former Roxbury Elementary School. This thoughtfully designed complex offers 43 spacious units catered to adults aged 55 and older. What truly sets Roxbury Place Apartments apart is the collaborative effort between local agencies, working together to provide an array of essential services right within the building.

Partnering with esteemed organizations such as Senior Life, Greater Johnstown School District, Highlands Health, and the Greater Johnstown Community YMCA, Roxbury Place Apartments ensures that residents have access to a wide range of services to enhance their well-being. From regular wellness checks and exercise classes to nutrition guidance and art therapy, these partnerships foster an environment of holistic care and support.

By bringing these valuable services onsite, Roxbury Place Apartments prioritizes the convenience and comfort of its residents. It’s a testament to the commitment of the community to create a nurturing and engaging living environment for older adults. Residents can enjoy the benefits of staying active, maintaining their health, and exploring their creative side, all within the vibrant senior living community.

Discover how this innovative project has transformed the former school site into a haven for senior independent living, where residents can thrive and embrace a fulfilling lifestyle.




Johnstown, PA

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43 units, 43,573 square feet

Air Changes Per Hour

0.06 cfm50/ft2

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