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University of Toronto Laneway Housing

The Huron Sussex Neighborhood at the University of Toronto took it upon themselves to continue to evolve into a net-positive community in order to meet the needs of the University and community residential needs through this energy efficient housing project.

Designed by Baird Sampson Neuert (BSN) Architects, three infill houses to Passive House level of construction, incorporating a shared earth tube under an adjacent daycare playground. The homes will include one 2500 sf single-family dwelling plus two laneway homes behind. The first laneway home is to have a target area of 900 sq.ft. The second laneway home will be 1100 sq.ft. This new and attractive, pedestrian-oriented living lane will provide a “green-spine” through the neighborhood.

“My first impression is that these are beautifully designed and beautifully built,” said President Gertler, who is also a professor of geography and planning. “I think any member of our community, whether faculty or student families, would jump at the chance to live here.”



University of Toronto, ON

Project Type

Single Family


3 units, 4,500 square feet

Air Changes Per Hour


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BSN Baird Sampson Neuert Architects work

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