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Wilder Project

The J-Form Systemallows for a new approach to frost protected shallow foundations. The J-Form System takes advantage code provisions and optimizes thermal performance, construction cost and speed. 

The vertical external leg of the J-form is designed to extend a project’s Continuous External Insulation down over the slab edge. Combine J-forms with appropriate under-slab insulation, and the building’s concrete footings and floor slab become part of the conditioned envelope. That stops significant heat loss through the exposed slab edge in the winter, and avoids heat gain and condensation/decay/mold at the base of the wall in summertime. Concrete frost footings and stem walls are not required!



Woodstock, NY

Project Type

J-Form ADU


90 LF(504 SF)

Cost per Linear Foot

$51/LF of J-Form

Climate Zone

Zone 5

Home energy rating Think Little

Self Assembled Construction

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J-Form Diagram


Constructions Dirty Secret


J-Form Engineering Guide