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What to expect

Build SMART shifts the challenge of constructing a truly high performing building envelope away from congested building sites and into factories with greater control over material quality and the building process. Our process gives truly high-performance builders – challenged to staff their projects with skilled labor – a huge boost in productivity, producing standardized components of the structure in our factory … you then assemble them on site. Working together, we dramatically reduce your construction cycle time and deliver higher performing, occupied structures sooner.

If you deliver on each of these fronts, any level of building performance is within reach. These are the layers of your building envelope system that Build SMART delivers.



Upload your drawings to start the conversation.

Our team can help optimize the design. We prepare a detailed proposal for you.



Our team works with your project designer. We develop a detailed set of shop drawings for you to review and approve.



Our team works with your project designer. We develop a detailed set of shop drawings for iyou to review and approve.



Build SMART’s off-site construction takes place in a fully enclosed, well-lit, weather-protected factory and is designed to meet the needs of various construction projects.



We coordinate with you to have our products delivered to the jobsite, at your convenience.




When you select Build SMART to supply your next project, you’re not settling for just another producer of prefabricated “Wall Panels.” We do much more than cut and nail your framing together. Build SMART is as an off-site extension of your entire build team.

Design + Engineering Coordination

Our in-house staff of design professionals have experience creating engineering plan approvals and shop drawings using the latest CAD and BIM Technology software.


Once Build SMART shop drawings have been reviewed and approved by your design professional, we will procure all necessary materials, and begin fabrication of your building systems.

Quality Assurance + Control

Build SMART's QA/QC program ensures each project is provided the best designed and tested building materials possible per the project specifications. This oversight guarantees consistent high quality assemblies from incoming materials to systems leaving the factory.


Research + Development

Custom Build SMART tooling, combined with our exclusive use of the industry’s highest quality building products ensures interior walls that are dead flat, rough openings that are fully flashed and air sealed, and high performing windows that are factory installed, plumb level and square.

New Vertical Air Press

Equal distribution of air pressure across a steel frame plate generates 1.5psi across the surface of an E-Wall Panel, this provides several innovative benefits:

• 4.6x less pressure than what is used in the SIP’s industry • Safer, controlled process for components • Safer and repeatable process for employees.

Variety of Insulation Strategies

ZIP System R-sheathing is the simple all-in-one structural panel with built-in exterior insulation. Featuring integrated moisture, air and thermal protection, ZIP System R-sheathing completely reimagines traditional wall assemblies by streamlining exterior water, air and thermal management.

Automated Adhesive Application Process

Automating the application of adhesives to components will provide maximized quality, consistency and speed across production while also eliminating the risk of human error.

Coordination + Virtual Build

Estimation + Optimization

Build SMART’s estimation and optimization process ensures the best outcomes for your project and budget needs.

By leveraging advanced technology and expertise, Build SMART employs a comprehensive approach to deliver accurate cost estimates and optimize project efficiency. This includes analyzing project requirements, considering material costs, labor expenses, and timelines, all while using data-driven insights to identify cost-saving opportunities. Build SMART’s commitment to precision and efficiency helps you make informed decisions, maximize value, and achieve successful project outcomes.

Get in touch so we can learn more about your project and plan the next steps. Our team will work with you to make sure your design is cost-effective, simple to assemble and energy-efficient.

As your design moves beyond the schematic design, we can collaborate with your team to optimize for prefabrication and value, and develop a cost proposal for the Build SMART systems required for your project. Upload your drawings to start the conversation.








Coordination + Virtual Build

Design + Engineering Coordination

Build SMART offers design and engineering coordination services aimed at streamlining the construction process and ensuring effective collaboration between architects, engineers, and contractors. These services are designed to enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and optimize project outcomes.

Our Design Team collaborates and coordinates with your Project Designer to ensure an integrated product delivery. We develop detailed shop drawings and resolve open questions about desired energy performance of your building envelope. By coordinating Build SMART’s off-site construction with site prep and foundations at your building site, you’ll achieve a MUCH higher quality building AND a shorter build time. Your design team needs to think through all of your design details BEFORE construction begins. We’ll adapt your team’s final construction details to a high-performing Build SMART envelope. Fully developing your design details before construction begins means your professional fees peak earlier in the build process … but your total cost and build time will reduce.

Overall, Build SMART’s design and engineering coordination services leverage technology, expertise, and collaborative approaches to enhance project coordination, identify and resolve conflicts, optimize design, and drive successful construction outcomes.




Factory Construction

Fabrication + Assembly

Once Build SMART shop drawings have been reviewed and approved by your design professional, we will procure all necessary materials, and begin fabrication of your building systems. Build SMART’s fabrication and assembly services are designed to meet the needs of various construction projects. Our services encompass the production and assembly of innovative building components and systems. 

By leveraging our expertise in offsite fabrication, Build SMART delivers innovative building solutions that offer enhanced performance, efficiency, and sustainability.

Build SMART’s off-site construction takes place in a fully enclosed, well-lit, weather-protected factory. Each semi-automated Build SMART workstation is operated by highly skilled tradesmen wearing appropriate safety equipment and provided with high-quality, well-maintained tools. Work is elevated to optimal working height to avoid injuries or mistakes caused by kneeling or bending. Work in progress moves from one station to the next via roller conveyors. Fixed, directional task lighting is added where necessary to eliminate shadows and maintain precise tolerances.

Material Inspection

Quality Assurance + Control

Before, during, and after fabrication, our expert QA/QC team inspects all incoming materials and all Build SMART systems at various stages of fabrication, and again before packaging for delivery to your job site. Build SMART utilizes comprehensive quality insurance and quality control services to ensure the highest standards in construction projects. Our services encompass various aspects of the construction process, aiming to minimize risks, enhance efficiency, and deliver superior results.

In the factory, Build SMART’s Quality Assurance team inspects all incoming building materials to confirm their compliance with stringent quality and performance standards needed for use in your high performing building. It’s not uncommon for our QA team to refuse delivery of materials that are damaged or otherwise compromised in ways that go unnoticed on a traditional building site.

Every joint, every connection within panels produced by Build SMART is detailed in our factory by trained installers. All work is done under cover, and closely scrutinized by our Quality Control personnel.

Overall, Build SMART’s quality insurance and quality control services focus on proactive measures to prevent quality issues, identify potential risks, and maintain rigorous standards throughout the construction lifecycle. By leveraging our expertise and robust processes, clients can achieve successful project outcomes with exceptional quality.

Shipping + Installation

Shipping + Construction Support


A Build SMART representative will coordinate with your project team to schedule delivery to your job site and to coordinate virtual or in-person consultation to ensure a smooth installation. Build SMART offers comprehensive shipping and construction support services to facilitate efficient project execution.

Build SMART provides on-site installer training and step-by-step Installation Instructions to ensure your build proceeds smoothly. No special training or installation equipment is required. The system is so simple and efficient that most projects are dried-in in half the time of a traditional stick built structure.
Overall, Build SMART’s shipping and construction support services encompass logistics management, project coordination, technical assistance, on-site support, quality assurance, training, and documentation. These services aim to streamline construction projects and enable clients to leverage the benefits of their innovative building systems efficiently.

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