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Not your mama’s prefab: The rise of prefab passive house systems

Prefabrication is not new for the construction industry. Drawn to their cost-effectiveness, convenience, and streamlined design, consumers have been able to choose prefab homes since the early 20th century.  Though it has not had the same uptake in North America than in parts of Europe (84% of detached homes in Sweden are prefabricated), prefab is on the rise. …
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Healthcare Providers Want Prefabricated Construction

Prefabricated or modular construction is cheaper, faster and creates standardization that can provide a better patient experience. Prefabricated and modular construction is rapidly rising in popularity for healthcare developers and providers. Modular construction is not only more cost effective and has a faster construction timeline—two benefits that have attracted multifamily and hotel developers—the standardized facilities…
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Prefab houses were once the ‘holy grail of design.’ So why aren’t there more of them?

Design magazines love them. So do movie stars and environmental activists. New technology, including the use of robots in factories, makes them even easier to build. So why are advocates of prefab houses still talking about “disrupting” the home-building industry? Architects, environmentalists and some forward-thinking builders embrace prefab construction — whose products run the gamut…
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Zero Energy Buildings are Much Healthier Than Conventional Homes

Because the poor air quality of standard buildings creates a significant risk to health, zero energy homes and buildings have several health-related advantages over conventional buildings. Most conventional buildings and homes are constructed without much consideration for air quality and health issues. Many builders simply rely on compliance with standard building code. The requirements for…
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20 ADVANTAGES OF A Zero Energy Home

There are at least 20 amazing benefits to owning and living in a zero energy home. We call this the Zero Energy Advantage. Original Story by: Zero Energy Project

Prefabricated and Factory Built

With demand for Passive House-quality panels and modules on the rise, the factories producing these goods are expanding in number, capacity, and production. Most are new businesses producing Passive House-performance exterior wall, floor, and roof panels. Yet a strong contingent of existing businesses are also growing their product lines to include higher-performance, thermal-bridge-free Passive House…
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Solar installations make apartments more affordable

Solar installations make apartments more affordable In an ongoing effort to offer more affordable housing and help residents become climate resilient, Westside Housing Organization is installing solar on its apartment buildings in the Westside and Northeast neighborhoods of Kansas City, MO. Westside Housing is one of six organizations across the country selected for a $150,000…
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Wondering why Build SMART is doing so many projects in Pa. for pioneer design/builder Tim McDonald? This is it!

Architect Laura Nettleton is standing in a former classroom in a 120-year-old elementary school that she helped turn into one of the most energy-efficient apartment buildings in Pittsburgh. She is talking, metaphorically, about coats. Her coat — stylish and black with wide sleeves and an open collar — is the old way of building: thinly…
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Build SMART is Patented

Architects now have a system they can rely on for high energy performance buildings. The BuildSMART Building Envelope System is patented, warrantied and code approved. As building codes become more and more stringent, designers face a greater burden to meet improved energy performance requirements for new buildings. Enter BuildSMART, eliminating the obstacles to achieving truly…
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DOE strategies for zero energy construction

High-Performance Design and Construction on a Budget Momentum behind zero energy building design and construction is increasing, presenting a tremendous opportunity for advancing energy performance in the commercial building industry. At the same time, there is a lingering perception that zero energy buildings—which produce as much renewable energy as the total energy they consume on…
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