Build SMART Believes in Building Affordability

Energy Efficiency made Simple

Build SMART Believes in Building Affordability

Every industry must modernize if they expect to meet the demands of our evolving world. The construction industry is no different As a report from McKinsey & Company points out, the construction industry is in need of serious innovation. The Terner Center released a new paper exploring the benefits, barriers and breakthroughs needed to significantly expand this construction method in the American market, particularly in the multifamily development sector.

From inception, BuildSMART’s focus has been on making high performance building simple, fast and affordable. We have over 10 years’ project experience with panelized walls on Passive House projects and others with very high demands for greater energy efficiency and durability. We produce building envelope systems ranging from net zero energy ready to code compliant. All with panels that have continuous exterior insulation, and windows and doors already installed and sealed tight against leaks. Energy-efficiency is now possible for anyone who chooses to use BuildSMART products.

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