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A revolutionary system for energy-efficient structures

At Build SMART, we make Passive House levels of energy efficiency not only possible, but simple. Our prefabricated components save time and money to build, are easier to erect than conventional construction, and are affordable to own. Reduce monthly energy costs by 60-70% by designing and building an energy-efficient structure with Build SMART.

What once was complicated, is now simple.

We eliminated the obstacles to achieving truly high-performing, site-built construction with our unique system of energy-efficient prefabricated wall panels and slab foundation forms. Build SMART components are simple to design, order and install.

Everyone deserves an energy-efficient home

We make high-performance results available to everyone. Build SMART's preassembled insulated wall panels, slab foundation forms and insulated precast basements are affordable to design, buy, build and finish from concept to completion. Eliminate complexity. Maximize efficiency. See the Build SMART difference

  • Single-family

    Build the home of your dreams while saving money and reducing energy costs. For single-family projects, the Build SMART system yields a 60-70% reduction in energy bills, easily offsetting the monthly cost for the fractional increase in construction cost.

  • Multi-family

    Our system approach isn't limited to single-unit homes. Scale up the project, and scale up the savings. For multi-family projects, the Build SMART system can be implemented with no cost premium by applying the savings (40-60%) from the reduced mechanical system size to the envelope improvements.

  • Commercial

    The Build SMART system of products can fit the needs of commercial clients. The combined software-based design and panelized construction make a simple-to-assemble system for mixed-use spaces. These module designs greatly reduce costs, making Build SMART ideal for large production work.

  • Insulated Wall Panels

    Passive House-certified windows and doors (preinstalled & air-tightened)
    Continuous exterior insulation eliminates thermal bridges
    Exterior nail base accommodates any external finish
    Integral air barrier and water-resistive barrier
    Extremely quiet interiors
    Filtered fresh air significantly reduces allergens
    Preformed corners

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  • Slab Foundation Forms

    Thermally isolates building from the ground
    Simple installation with stay-in-place edge form
    High-density GEO foam slab

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